About us

Mission Statement:

At Dancing Moon Spirit, I craft Colorado-themed apparel to empower and ignite your spirit, celebrate local culture, and strengthen community ties. Committed to sustainable and responsible fashion, I connect our community through uniquely designed products and a vibrant local newsletter.

Our Story:

Dancing Moon Spirit emerged from a pivotal moment of adversity, turning a personal crisis into a catalyst for creativity and resilience. After my partner Cecily suffered a life-altering medical emergency—a rare and sudden bout with a flesh-eating bacteria resulting in significant physical changes—we found ourselves navigating a new reality. This profound experience galvanized my resolve to support our future through my passions for art, the great outdoors, music, and spirituality. Born in Denver and raised in Niagara Falls, I returned to Colorado after serving in the United States Marine Corps and living in California, a journey that instilled in me discipline and a deep-seated appreciation for community and country. Dancing Moon Spirit is a tribute to this journey, blending my love for Colorado's majestic landscapes with the harmonious influences of music and the depth of spiritual exploration to create wearable art that inspires and uplifts. Each design not only tells a story of survival and strength but also celebrates the spirit of those who face life's challenges with courage.


Our Products: 

At Dancing Moon Spirit, my collection showcases men’s and women’s t-shirts, bomber jackets, tank tops, and accessories, each featuring exclusive, all-over print designs that capture the essence of Colorado landscapes and the tranquil allure of its hidden fishing spots. My designs blend these natural themes with the rhythmic inspirations of music and profound spiritual elements, creating wearable art that resonates with emotional depth and narrative coherence. While not all my products are eco-friendly, I am committed to increasing my range of sustainable options. My partners’ advanced printing technology not only allows for vibrant and enduring visuals but also supports my environmental principles by reducing waste and preserving the integrity of our art.


Our Values:

At Dancing Moon Spirit, I believe in more than just selling apparel—I'm committed to making a positive impact. My values are rooted in sustainability, creativity, and community engagement. I strive to operate responsibly, making thoughtful choices that reflect my commitment to the environment and our community. Every design reflects my deep respect for nature, the inspirational power of music, and the guiding principles of spirituality.


Engage with Us:

Connect with Dancing Moon Spirit—be part of our story! I encourage you to join my newsletter, your gateway to the heart of my brand. Through my newsletter, I share exclusive insights into behind-the-scenes processes, unveil new designs, announce special sales, and spotlight local events and stories from our Colorado Springs community. It’s also where I share inspiring stories that resonate with our values of creativity, spirituality, and community. If you have ideas for custom products, suggestions for articles, or inspiring local stories, I invite you to email me at- Email us your feedback . Your input is invaluable as I continue to evolve and tailor my offerings to reflect the interests and inspirations of our community. Let’s make fashion more personal and connected—your voice can help shape the future of Dancing Moon Spirit.